A badge is awarded by Cudahy to staff who demonstrate leadership abilities around the district; by providing service to the district; leading professional development or enhancing parent, student, or community engagement.

Criteria for Badge Approval:

> No financial compensation for the time or work

> Timeframe:

> 1/2 (.5) Badge = 9 to 10 hours / semester

> Full (1) Badge = 18 to 20 hours / semester

> Results measurable ...(i.e. number of students reached, teachers trained or supported)

> Badge idea must benefit the school/district and get pre-approval from an administrator

Badge Process Workflow -

This workflow document is meant as a way to explain the process we all will follow in how badges will be awarded. Below you will find the needed details and links to items you will need to earn a badge.

Click here for printable copy!

STEP 1 - Badge REQUEST Form

Complete this form when you are ready to submit your badge to the REVIEW BOARD for approval.

Remember, you need to have your proposal/concept approved by the administrator whom you will be working on behalf of. It is part of the form, so make sure you've had that conversation first.


Final Step - Mid-Year or End of Semester Badge Submission

Complete your reflection on the document you received early this year called...

Badge "semester" - "Badge Name" - Last Name

If you can not locate it, please go to your Google DRIVE and do a search for Badge Fall 2019

** Remember its a reflection and not a dissertation!